Who Should Attend?

IM Newcomers, Functional Specialists and Managers should all be in attendance.

Newcomers can be:

  • record clerks and analysts
  • collection managers
  • document controllers
  • records classifiers
  • as well as those who manage content

Functional Specialists include those who:

  • design and apply classification schemes
  • design and apply retention schedules
  • apply Access to Information and Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts
  • design, implement and operate Records, Document, Knowledge and Content Management systems
  • assist employees in managing information of all kinds
  • apply compliance and risk management programs

Managers plan and supervise the work of others and the implementation of the RIM program.

You should also attend if:

  • You are a member of your organization's library community and are concerned with how information is categorized and retrieved
  • You are an archivist and are responsible for managing legal and historically significant information
  • You are manager responsible for program and/or client records of all kinds, including personal, secure and classified information
  • You are a knowledge manager responsible for designing and leveraging the information management practices of your organization
  • You are interested in managing information for the purposes of:
    • Service Improvement
    • Service Transformation
    • Management Accountability Framework response
    • Departmental Audit
    • Program Management
    • Information Technology Deployment and Optimization