Functional Classification 5-day Course - Ottawa / Toronto

Welcome to the web site for the "The Functional Classification 5 - day Course"!

Ottawa: April 16th - 20th/2012

Function based classification systems (developed and implemented using the DIRS / DIRKS Methodology and the in-depth analysis of business activity) are based on a sound understanding of the organization’s business environment, legal needs and organizational requirements. Functions represent the major responsibilities managed by an organization to fulfill its goals. Activities are the major tasks performed by an organization to accomplish each of its functions. Function based classification systems are very logical and support better performance of business activities and better decision making throughout organizations. They enable organizations to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

With their vigor and passion for Records Management, the instructors will keep you thoroughly engaged with colourful and animated presentation techniques. This course is further supplemented with engaging and real anecdotes resulting from the instructors’ combined total of over 60 years of records management experience. The instructors are unanimous in their opinion that there is nothing dull about Function-Based Classification – Getting it Right …… and keeping it right!

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