From Regulations to Solutions

Large or small, regardless of industry, the protection of personal information is a paramount concern facing all organizations. Most seem to be navigating blind as they attempt to sort through the sea of legislation and the many opinions put forth by supposed experts. As the senior individual in your organization responsible for privacy, sorting through this ultimately falls on your shoulders, and it is not getting any easier.

On October 23rd 2006, the Federal Government's House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics will began hearings dedicated towards an evaluation and review of our nation's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The CPO Roundtable is proud to welcome the Chair of this committee, the Hon. Tom Wappel, to discuss the findings of the hearings and the proposed changes to PIPEDA that will be put forth to the House of Commons.

The CPO Roundtable has been specifically developed to help you understand the impacts of these imminent changes…but just as important, it has been developed to help you identify reasonable solutions.

The conference will provide delegates a forum to meet, network and share ideas with colleagues, as well as the opportunity to learn about other's successes, failures and how their systems have been working so far. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure your organization is on the right privacy track!