Navigating Our Way

Why Should I Attend?

This year's conference has been streamlined to offer more isolated sessions geared towards the areas you have wanted to explore and study. This year's format has changed as well - and changed for the better. We are happy to offer you 1 and a half days of conference sessions for last year's price of one-day. Now with over 20 interactive sessions and optional workshops, this is an event you don't want to miss!

In the face of increasing trends towards open government(s) and new legislations, the Maritime Access & Privacy community will be encountering many new changes. After years of networking, and making sure the ATIP Community's agenda is front and centre, we continue to "Navigate Our Way" through both challenges and opportunities in the field.

With over 20 available sessions carefully slotted into several themed streams, this event is designed for individuals in the public or private sector who deal with Access to Information & Privacy issues. We strongly encourage you to join us this June if your work involves access, privacy, information and information technology, human resources, communications, policy development, records management or design of new government programs.


Attention New Brunswick Delegates!!
In June 2008, a new Access to Information and Protection of Privacy bill was tabled by the New Brunswick Government, proposing changes to the current access and privacy legislation. After going through the Law Amendments Committee and receiving various recommendations and proposals, a revised bill will be introduced to the Legislative Assembly this spring. Amongst the changes from the current legislation is the inclusion of school districts, additional provincial agencies, boards and commissions, universities, municipalities and other municipal organizations. Starting in Fall 2009, the new Act will be in force for those public bodies to which the Right to Information Act now applies. Over the next 18 to 24 months, the Act will be phased-in as it applies to the public bodies not currently covered by access and privacy legislation.

Attention Nova Scotia Delegates!!

For the past several years the Department of Health has been working with health sector partners on initiatives related to the protection and use of personal health information. As part of the evolution of standards, policy and law on these issues, the Department has developed a Personal Health Information Act for the province.

The Personal Health Information Act (Bill 64) was introduced in the House of Assembly on November 4th, 2009. The Bill did not go forward to Second Reading when the House rose, but the Department intends to proceed with the Bill in the Spring 2010 session.