Newfoundland and Labrador Access & Privacy Workshop 2011

Who Should Attend?

Access and privacy challenges are intertwined with almost everything the public and private sectors do. Whether you are focusing on delivering a particular program or service, or trying to institute a records management policy, your work is affected by access and privacy challenges since legislation has broader implications than simply responding to requests.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Access & Privacy Workshop is intended for those individuals working within the greater public sector across the province, as well as members of the Access and Privacy Community in the private sector. You will meet people such as:

  • Access & Privacy Professionals
  • Information Technology and Information Security Experts
  • Academics
  • Lawyers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • FOI Officers
  • Federal Public Servants
  • Communications Managers
  • Information / Records Managers
  • Municipal Employees
  • Service Delivery Personnel
  • Chief Privacy Officers
  • Chief Counsels

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