Newfoundland and Labrador Access & Privacy Workshop 2011

Why Should I Attend?

As one community, we should be looking forward to the proactive change ahead of an open government. Being transparent and accountable within the public and private sector equates to changes, which can be challenging. So, register today and be part of this exciting transformation through attending this educational and interdepartmental conference.

With over 20 interactive sessions prepared by industry veterans along with real life case studies, attendees will be able to take away practical knowledge and real inspiration to give life to managing information access and privacy protection in their own organizations.

This event has been designed for both seasoned professionals and new entrants to our community. Professionals can focus on the latest developments in policies and practices, while those new to the field can develop a solid grasp of the fundamentals through comprehensive introductory sessions.

Finally, this conference is ideal for networking with members of our access and privacy community of practice.