Welcome to Access & Privacy Workshop 2007

Modern government is integrated across traditional boundaries and connects people, systems and information through innovative strategies and approaches. This presents complex and unique challenges for the protection of personal information entrusted to government and for ensuring openness and transparency.

This year’s event focuses on many of the access and privacy issues facing the broader public sector today and provides practical guidance and tools on how they can be successfully addressed. The program is driven by current priorities and, in addition to covering the fundamentals of access and privacy, includes sessions on:

  • simplifying the Privacy Impact Assessment process;
  • success stories and best practices for managing privacy in organizations;
  • explaining identity management and related privacy concerns; and
  • new interpretations of the legislation’s exemptions and exclusions.

Attendees will benefit from a broad range of expertise from within Ontario’s broader public sector, as well as from subject experts from the private sector and other jurisdictions. The Workshop also will provide the opportunity to network and build the access and privacy community in Ontario.

We invite you and the members of your organization to join us for what we believe will be a highly informative, practical and engaging educational experience. The workshop is priced to offer great value, at less than $250.00, including refreshment breaks, lunches and conference materials.