Protecting Privacy While Managing Health Information

Welcome to the PHIPA Summit 2008. Returning after a one-year hiatus, and two very strong programs preceding it, this year’s conference (December 2nd and 3rd at the Toronto Renaissance Hotel) is a two-day affair, focusing again on Ontario’s Health Privacy legislation as well as establishing proven Health IM strategies.

Ontario’s health information privacy legislation must strike the right balance between allowing health care providers to quickly pass on the information needed for patient care to other health providers, while restricting unauthorized disclosure. Considering that a patient’s medical history’s security is paramount, especially in this networked age of Web 2.0 technologies, how we continue to manage their information is now more important than ever.

Both the PHIPA legislation as well as the electronic records revolution have reinforced the fact that now is the time to better develop information management strategies, especially in the public health sector.

The PHIPA Summit 2008 will provide an opportunity for the health care provider community to share their own experiences with PHIPA over the last few years, to learn best practices from all over the country and to participate in spirited debate and discussion with field leaders.

You will also:

  • Discuss, identify, and most importantly address the many challenges you face as a health information custodian
  • Learn from the wide range of expertise available to the health community to identify the challenges of your information management network
  • Create and implement your own health information management strategy

Join your colleagues today and continue to explore how to better address privacy issues in your organization, and firmly establish how manage personal health information. See you in December at Ontario’s first and premiere Health Information Management and Privacy event!