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The Ladybug Foundation Education Program

makeChange: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program is a grade by grade, K-12 resource for teachers to use in their classrooms to empower young people to get involved and make change in their community and their world. The program is derived from the experience and example of Hannah Taylor, who at age five witnessed a homeless man eating from a garbage dumpster. After that experience, her awareness that homelessness, hunger and poverty do exist, and she was motivated to make a difference. Encouraged by her grade one teacher and empowered by her parents, Hannah founded The Ladybug Foundation Inc. Subsequently, led by her example, The Ladybug Foundation Education Program was created.


Incredible Living

When children know who they are, they begin to understand and accept themselves. How we feel about ourselves affects our behavior in all areas of our lives. Our responses are shaped by who and what we think we are. Healthy self-esteem is key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Parents today have a keen awareness that unless children have a healthy love and respect for themselves, they cannot thrive. We can all identify with the incapacitating grip of low self-esteem asphyxiating our dreams and best intentions. Incredible Creatures is designed to turn that tide and  empower children to face their future with courage and optimism.

This program looked at the gifts God created each child to be.  My class loved the story and listened very intently. They eagerly picked the animal that was most like them inside.  I was surprised at the excitement the children displayed at finding out who they were and the excitement of sharing their information with myself and peers.  Betty and Karen did a wonderful job of creating a safe, warm and respectful environment along with fun.  The parents that joined us on parent night appreciated the information as well.  Wonderful discussions and new appreciations for gifts were expressed and understood. I would highly recommend this program to others.  All children love learning about themselves and how God gifted them.

Rhonda Innes, Grade 3 Teacher