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Welcome to the 2nd annual Western Canada Health Information Privacy Symposium: iCare, formerly the Prairie Health Information Privacy Day. Co-hosted by the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan, the Manitoba Ombudsman, and the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia!

This year’s theme is, “Meeting the Challenge of Stewarding Health Information" As health professionals and administrators, you already care about patient confidentiality, but do you know how to best set up, run and improve a privacy program in your organization? Focused on giving practical guidance to both beginners and seasoned privacy experts, the WCHIPS gives you the tools to put caring about privacy into action.

Designed for anyone governed by the health information privacy laws the Symposium enables delegates to learn about similar laws in western Canada and how individuals and organizations in the four western provinces have successfully addressed common privacy problems and challenges.

The following three themes or streams have been developed to set the framework for the symposium:

1. Practical guidance on building and maintaining successful health information privacy operations
2. Dealing with privacy issues and challenges: responding to breaches; emerging trends; patient-centered approaches to achieve transparency about and accountability for health information access and privacy; privacy in the context of health information research
3. Privacy implications of using technology in service delivery: New risks created by going electronic and solutions

Through a series of plenary, breakout and workshop sessions, delegates will gain a clearer understanding of health information privacy issues and develop new insights on potential solutions for their own organization’s practices.