About Your Host

The mandate of the Office of the Corporate Chief Technology Officer is to ensure that the Ontario Public Service (OPS) has the tools, expert support and knowledge in place to optimize the value of I&IT investments in meeting the business priorities and directions of the Government of Ontario, today and in the future.

Core Services delivered to meet this mandate are I&IT Governance, Architecture and IT Consulting, and Technology Planning/Adoption. OCCTO delivers these services by:

  • Developing an enterprise-wide reference architecture to ensure that business applications are developed within a services oriented architecture and they can be integrated and shared when required.
  • Managing an enterprise-wide architecture review process to validate that IT projects are following government IT standards and are meeting a minimum level of quality assurance
  • Providing permanent in-house expert skills and knowledge base to support priority IT projects both at the corporate and cluster levels
  • Providing advice, research and consulting services to mitigate risk associated with implementing solutions using new and emerging technology